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unique AR pets, always by your side

Discover the whimsical world of Peridot, an AR real-world pet game where you bond with adorable magical pets and collaborate with other players to diversify their species by hatching a new generation of 100% genetically unique creatures.



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Fall in love with your unique AR pets

Adopt your very own Peridot, a truly special companion, and help them grow as you feed them, pet them, and explore with them. You can also bond with your Dot as you play fun mini-games together; such as playing fetch, teaching them tricks, and dressing them in stylish outfits.
App screenshot: Care for your magical new Peridot
App screenshot: Satisfy your Peridot's desires
App screenshot: Play with your unique Peridot
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Explore the world together during daily walks

Get some fresh air with your Peridot! Dots are curious creatures and will recognize a wide variety of environments and objects while you’re out on your daily walks. Don’t forget to keep track of your adventures together and the interesting places you visit by snapping photos and videos you can share with friends.
App screenshot: Adventure together on daily walks
App screenshot: Explore new places together
App screenshot: Uncover hidden treasures around the world
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Collaborate with others to hatch new generations of Peridots

Diversify the Peridot species by strategizing with friends and other players around the world to hatch new generations of 100% genetically unique Dots. Discover and pass down rare Traits while encountering Peridot Archetypes that resemble some of your favorite real and mythical creatures – the possibilities are infinite!
App screenshot: Collaborate with friends to breed new generations of Peridots
App screenshot: Discover endless Archetype possibilities
App screenshot: Capture your memories with your Peridot


The Peridot Keeper Society is in need of your help! We’re a global group of caretakers dedicated to raising, hatching, and diversifying the Peridot species while preserving their history. Are you ready to join the cause?
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The AR aspect of the game is truly impressive. Not only does the game look great, but the Dots interact with the real world in surprisingly realistic ways.
Niantic's pet sim Peridot might be the future of AR.
Peridot is the perfect game for the whole family. Kids, parents and everyone in between will fall in love with the adorable Dots.
Niantic's implementation of AR technology in Peridot is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in a mobile game.
Between being an original IP and its technological advancements from previous titles, Peridot appears to be one of the most ambitious Niantic games yet.
Niantic’s latest AR game Peridot is one of its best yet.
Niantic’s use of augmented reality is the perfect companion for bringing these creatures to life, proving just why the technology is as magical now as it’s ever been.
Niantic’s Peridot is mobile AR’s biggest opportunity in years.
Niantic's cute new virtual pet app Peridot is a very different beast to Pokémon GO, and all the better for it.