Discover NEW Chaos Traits!

Hiya Keepers,

Discovering Dots with new traits is a key element of the Peridot experience, and a source of delight for you, our Keepers. Every Keeper has pushed the boundaries of the Peridot Perigenetics System and created some incredible Dots. You all are so creative, and we want to reward you by introducing a new class of traits!

Chaos Traits are unique and special traits that may be a little wackier than other traits discovered by the Peridot Keeper Society (PKS). When you encounter a Feral or Wild Dot, you may see that it has a rainbow-colored icon. That is a Chaos Trait! 😈

If the trait’s name is blank, you have uncovered an undiscovered Chaos Trait. When you hatch a Dot that inherits the undiscovered Chaos Trait, you’ll have a chance to name the trait. Your Keeper Name and the trait’s name will always be visible–on any Dot with that trait or in the Trait Library. During special events, you may find Chaos Traits–discovered and unknown–on Feral Dots or Wild Dots.

There are other ways to hatch with discovered Chaos Traits as well! The Visitor icon on the  Home screen is now called “Discover”. In addition to Visitor Dots, we are introducing new tabs: the Trait Library tab and the Upload tab. Search the Trait Library tab to see all traits ever discovered, including those named by the PKS and the rest of the Keeper community. Now you can hatch with any discovered Chaos Traits listed in the Library! Did you find a Chaos Trait on social media that you want? Want to hatch with your friend’s adorable Chaos Trait Dot? You can also upload any Keeper’s Dot Cards to the new Upload tab to hatch with their Dots directly.

We’re so excited to see all of the amazing trait combinations you can create! With the rollout of Chaos Traits, we are going to lessen the game’s focus on Archetypes. Chaos Traits put the power in Keepers’ hands to create and share their own unique Dot creations with others.

Remember to hatch responsibly, and use your new creative power to build a wackier, whimsical Peridot world! 

–The Peridot team

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