Get excited for the first Peridot Archetype Challenge!

Hiya Keepers,

Since our global launch back in May we’ve seen all of the amazing Archetype ideas you and other Keepers around the world hope to see in-game one day. That’s why today we’re introducing the pilot of a new program we plan to run in the future: the Peridot Archetype Challenge.

Now is the chance to flex your creativity and submit your Archetype ideas for a chance to be added in-game and earn some fun rewards along the way. Read on for more details on this first challenge and find the Official Rules here.

July Archetype Challenge

  • There is no particular theme for this initial challenge, meaning you can submit any and all ideas you’d love to see. There are, however, a few criteria you must follow for your Archetype idea to be considered:
    • Your Archetype idea can only consist of traits that already exist in-game. Ideas that include traits that do not already exist will not be eligible.
    • Your Archetype idea must include between two and five required traits.
    • Your Archetype idea can require specific colors, but doesn’t have to.
  • The following submission template is required for your idea to be considered:
    • Archetype Name (ie. Clownfish)
    • Brief description of the Archetype (to help illustrate your idea)
    • List of required traits and colors (if required) that your Archetype idea is composed of
    • Image representing your Archetype idea (can be your own illustration or an in-game Dot card)
  • The submission window for this challenge will take place between July 12 and July 31.
    • Submissions must happen in the following channel in the Official Peridot Community on Campfire: #july-archetype-challenge
    • You are eligible to submit more than one Archetype idea.
    • Ideas will be considered based on originality rather than artistic ability.
    • Sharing your ideas on other social platforms using the hashtag #PeridotArchetypeChallenge can help you get noticed, but isn’t a requirement for being selected.
  • Following the submission period, ideas will be reviewed by an internal committee of Peridot team members and finalists will be selected for community voting.
    • Three finalists will be selected and community voting will take place on Twitter on August 7.
    • The winning idea will be implemented in-game as an Archetype within the following several weeks.
    • The winner’s Keeper name will be memorialized in-game in the new Archetype’s details page and they will be rewarded with an in-game bundle including Nests & Gemstones up to $100 USD in value. The two runner ups will be rewarded with an in-game bundle including Nests & Gemstones up to $50 USD in value.

We are so excited to see all of your amazing creations and looking forward to hosting additional themed Archetype challenges in the future.

–The Peridot team

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