Bringing more whimsy and delight to Hatching!

Hi Keepers,

Hatching with other Peridots, discovering new Archetypes, and exploring the limitless possibilities of the Peridot species is an area of the game that continues to spark joy amongst our community. We’ve witnessed the amazing collaboration between Keepers around the world – sharing their Dot Cards and AR photos on Discord, in Campfire, and throughout social media – working together to diversify the Dot genepool by hatching adorable one-of-a-kind creatures. Since our launch we’ve strived to bring even more fun to this experience, releasing additional Archetypes, Adopt-a-Dots, new Traits, and recently providing more opportunities to earn Nests in-game. Since hatching brings so much delight to our players, we plan to keep investing in updates to make it an even more enjoyable experience… which is why today we’re excited to announce some additional changes coming.

First, we’ll be simplifying the hatching process. Starting today, as you discover the amazing variety of Dots around you, you’ll be able to see their hatching costs up front and immediately be able to hatch with them, without needing to send a request for approval. If you’re looking for a specific type of Dot to hatch with, Campfire is an incredible platform to discover the wide variety of Dots from Keepers around the world, and we encourage you to use it to collaborate with other Keepers during your hatching journeys.

Additionally, we will be bringing Wild Dots to Habitats around the world, starting in upcoming in-game events. Exploring your neighborhood should be even more exciting and delightful as you’ll now be able to discover an even wider variety of Dots around you. Wild Dots will be making their first introduction from August 21 through August 25 during the upcoming Trait Week event. See below for a schedule of what to expect and keep an eye out for Wild Dots during other upcoming game events:

  • Monday, August 21 local time: Horns from existing Archetypes (ie. Ram, Shell, etc.)
  • Tuesday, August 22 local time: Wild Dots with Staircase and Crown Horns
  • Wednesday, August 23 local time: Wild Dots with Demon and Spire Horns
  • Thursday, August 24 local time: Wild Dots with Stacked and Spiral Horns
  • Friday, August 25 local time: All Wild Dots featured throughout the week

We look forward to bringing even more expansive updates to evolve the hatching experience, but until then we can’t wait to see the next generation of Dots that you go out and discover. Go forth and multiply your Dots!

–The Peridot team

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