Build a deeper relationship with your Dots!

Hi there, Keepers!

As a follow up to Dot Socialization from our last update, we’re excited to introduce Dot Levels – bringing you even more bonuses for continuing to develop your relationship with each of your individual Dots.

Introducing Dot Levels
Coming in the 1.2 release, the way Peridots age up from babies to adults is going to change a bit. We will be adding additional growth stages between the baby and the adult stage to help make that growth process feel more meaningful and more rewarding. With each growth stage, Keepers will be awarded additional Keeper XP. The new growth stages are as follows:

  • Baby
  • Child
  • Teen
  • Young Adult
  • Adult

Additionally, once a Peridot reaches adulthood, a Keeper will be able to increase their bond with their Peridot by continuing to spend time with them. New milestones of bonding with your Dot include:

  • Pals
  • Buds
  • Friends
  • Best Friends
  • BFF!
  • Soulmates

Reaching each of these milestones will also reward Keeper XP! Unlike Growth, Bond will decay over time, but never below the current milestone (except for the “Soulmate” stage, which will eventually degrade back to BFF). This means that in order to reach new levels of Bond with your Peridot, you need to be checking in with them regularly, getting them outside, and giving them plenty of food, exercise, and attention!

–The Peridot team

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