Introducing Dot Socialization

Hiya, Keepers,

Since our launch in May, we’ve been getting a ton of amazing feedback from our worldwide Keeper community, but there have been a few themes we’ve been seeing again and again. One of those themes revolves around wanting more ways to engage and further develop your relationship with each of your Dots. We totally hear that feedback and we are excited to share the first in a series of upcoming improvements our team has been making on that front.

Introducing Dot Socialization

Since the Great Reawakening in May, millions of Peridots have woken up to a modern world that they are unfamiliar with. It is your job as Keepers to make sure that your Peridots are well adjusted to the world and introduced to a wide variety of objects and experiences. Therefore, in addition to feeding Peridots, playing with them, and teaching them Tricks, we are introducing a new set of achievements, helping them to become socialized.

As you explore the world with your Peridot, you should keep an eye out for objects and surfaces that your Peridots are unfamiliar with! Here’s a list of the types of things you’ll want to familiarize your Peridots with to help them grow into a healthy adult Dot.


Forageable Surfaces:

The best way for a Peridot to learn about their environment is for them to experience it on multiple occasions. But remember, learning takes time, so it will take time for them to become familiarized with each object or surface. Both you and your Dot will receive rewards as a result of your hard team work. Your Dots will be automatically rewarded with Growth XP after each learning action and you as a Keeper can claim Keeper XP by tapping on the icon after a socialization achievement is completed. Keep an eye on your Dot’s Socialization list to see their progress and what they still need help getting used to!

We hope you enjoy these new ways to interact with your Peridot. Stay tuned for more features and improvements to come in upcoming updates – we can’t wait to share more of what we’ve been working on.

–The Peridot team

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