Rescue Feral Dots from a mysterious green Blight that is spreading throughout the world!

Baby Dot vs. Feral Dot

Hi Keepers,

We’re excited to reveal the biggest update coming soon to Peridot which will add new dimensions of gameplay for you and your Dots to enjoy. Creeping right around the corner, a strange eerie Blight is sweeping across the land, obscuring Habitats for Keepers and Wild Dots alike. Within the depths of the Blight, some Dots have gone Feral and need your help to dissipate the Blight from our land. Head out with your trusty Peridot companions, work together to rescue these Feral Dots, and help restore whimsy within the world.

A Blight New World

  • As you explore your neighborhood, you’ll now notice that a glowing green Blight has spread across the shared world map. Within the Blight, there are Feral Dots that need our help to be rescued. You’ll be able to see these Feral Dots on the map when you enter Blighted areas. To clear the Blight from these areas, you or other Keepers in your neighborhood will need to rescue the Feral Dot that inhabit those areas.
  • When you’re within a Blighted area, some Dots at Habitats or within the Visitor Dots section may be obscured by the Blight, limiting your ability to interact with them. Clear the Blight within these areas to Hatch with them as you normally would.
  • Over time, Blight may creep back into areas you’ve previously cleared. Check back often to keep your neighborhood protected from the Blight.
Blighted Map
Feral Dot
Rescue Encounter

Save the Dot, Save the World

  • You can use any of the Dots you have in your collection to rescue Feral Dots – even adorable babies have magical Dazzling powers. However, in order to engage in a rescue encounter, your Dot must be well-fed and nurtured. The greater the bond you have with your Dot(s) the greater their Dazzling abilities, making them great companions for rescuing higher level Feral Dots.
  • To rescue Feral Dots, your Dot will need to Dazzle them in a fun lassoing mini-game. A Dazzle consists of at least three circular lassos (similar to a circle while foraging) around the Dot. Be careful though, as the Feral Dot may try to break your lasso. Depending on the Feral Dot’s level, your Dot may need to Dazzle them multiple times to successfully rescue them.
    • Pro-tip: If you’re able to lasso more than three times around the Dot during a single Dazzle without the Feral Dot breaking your lasso, you’ll deal greater Dazzle Power – this may be helpful when rescuing higher level Feral Dots.
  • Feral Dots will vary in difficulty depending on their Traits. The higher level a Feral Dot is, the more aggressive they will be in trying to break your lasso during an encounter and will require multiple successful Dazzles to be rescued.
    • Pro-tip: The more Traits your Dot has in common with the Feral Dot, the greater the Compatibility Boost it will have, making it easier to rescue difficult Feral Dots.
  • If you fail to rescue a Feral Dot, no need to fret! You’ll be able to try again, but you may need to re-energize your Dot with snacks and play-time to keep rescuing.
One Lasso
Three Lassoes
Successful Dazzle
Bonus Multiplier
Successful Rescue

Dazzling Rewards

  • Feral Dots have grown a love for their dark treats called Blightbux. As you rescue them, you’ll be able to collect this special new currency you can use to purchase helpful Hatching items, exclusive cosmetics, and sometimes even special Nest deals in the store. There’s a maximum amount of Blightbux you can hold on to, so make sure you spend them often to keep earning.
  • Your Dots will also develop a deeper relationship with you as you’re out rescuing Feral Dots together, aiding their quicker growth.
  • Once the Blight has been cleared from the Feral Dot, they’ll stay close by for a limited period of time in the Rescued Dots section of your Visitor Dots. Unlike other Visitor Dots, these rescued Dots can be Hatched with at their base Hatching cost.
Encounter Rewards
Rescued Dot
Exclusive Cosmetics

This is such an exciting new feature for urban and rural players alike and we can’t wait to see how Keepers around the world will engage with Peridot in a new way. For more information on the exact mechanics of Blight, Feral Dots, Rescue Encounters, and more, visit our help center page. We look forward to bringing even more exciting updates to this aspect of gameplay in the coming weeks and months.

–The Peridot team

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