We’ll be running small tests for additional opportunities to earn Nests in-game

Hi there, Keepers!

We’ve been seeing your feedback about additional ways to earn Nests in game so that Hatch-a-Dot feels more accessible. We apologize if the lack of communication around this topic has been frustrating; we assure you that we have been reviewing all of the feedback regarding this element of the game. We know this is an important topic for all of our Keepers, so we wanted to make sure that when we responded, we had time to consider potential opportunities and come back to you all with actionable steps.

We’re happy to let you all know that we will soon be kicking off a few experiments that will evaluate a variety of new, alternate ways by which players can obtain Nests. These tests will only be available for limited groups of new players – if you already have an account, you will not see any differences during the testing period.

These tests will run for a limited window and we’ll be measuring how they affect various aspects of the overall player experience and game performance. We will have more to share on that front at a later date.

Your feedback is invaluable for us as we continue to iterate on the game – in addition to feedback about Nest availability, we’ve also heard that Keepers want more features and opportunities to further bond with each of their individual Dots. We’re actively working on addressing this feedback over the coming months.

–The Peridot team

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